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January 17, 2011
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Ane snickers, "Love? What would a boy know about true love? You've known her only a few days!"
"Boys know love too!" he argues back, "She makes me feel strange, nervous, and anxious...She's the reason I believe in love at first sight!"
my face felt hot. What do I do??
It was silent for a moment before I say something, "Keiji. I'm sorry you feel that way, because my heart is with Kyo and Ane,"
"I know," he says, "but that won't stop me from trying to win your love,"
"Try all you want, but if you lay another hand on her, I'm going to hurt you severely," Ane says.
This is going to be an awkward ride home...
We all get dressed and start heading home, the whole ride silent and thick with tension.
I could only breathe easy when he dropped us off outside the school and drove off.
"I'm sorry guys," I say as we walk into the school, "I made a fool of myself,"
"Don't worry my dear," Ane says grabbing my hand.
"We will never be mad at you," Kyo says grabbing the other.
"Thank you," I say quietly as we head upstairs to my room.
But before we could get all the way upstairs, I hear a voice call for me, "Miss Touhou!"
I turn around and see my homeroom teacher, Miss. Honda.
"Yes, Miss Honda?" I ask.
"Um, the head mistress needs to speak to you alone," she says approaching me.
I got a bad feeling in my stomach, "yes ma'am," I say letting go of Ane's and Kyo's hands and follow after my teacher.
I follow her silently, wondering what was going on, scared.
I walk into the head Mistress' office. She was sitting at her desk looking serious with a hint of sadness on her face. Miss Honda closed the door behind us.
"Please have a seat Touhou-san," she says gesturing to the chair in front of her desk. I comply, still feeling worried.
"May I ask what I have done, Head Mistress?" I say quietly.
"Nothing Miss Touhou, I'm actually sorry that I had to call you in for this reason," the sadness in her voice was easy to read.
My heart rose into my throat and I couldn't speak.
"I'm not an old witch with no soul, I do care for the students at this school," she says, "You especially, considering everything you've gone through in just the short time you've been here,"
"Thank you Head Mistress," I say.
"No need to thank me dear," she says, "However, I do bring news that is even hard for me to deal with,"
The thought of my mother ran through my head. What if she died? I started to feel sick.
"Well," she cleared her throat, "Your's no longer your mother."
My mind went blank and my heart stopped, "...What?"
"She gave up ownership of you," She couldn't even look me in the face.
What? Wait...if she gives up ownership, then...i' orphan? A foster child? What is this?? I'm just about to turn 14 and she's abandoning me like this?
"O-oh." is all I could say.
"And, since she will no longer be paying your tuition might have to leave if you cannot find a source of income," she still adverted her gaze from mine.
That felt like a stab to my heart, "B-But...if I can't stay here...where can I go?"
"That, I can't answer for you," she says sadly, "We can send you to a foster home if you can't stay here, but that's about all we can do,"
I sat in silence. Letting all this sink in. I'm alone. Truly alone.
I wanted to cry, scream, but I sat still, refusing to be weak at a time like this.
"W-wait!" I say.
She looked at me surprised at my tone.
"I'll work really hard around here! I'll clean, and, and cook and i'll keep my 4.0 GPA! If I can do all that, can I work my debt off to stay here?" I stand up and put my hands together, begging.
She looks at me, thinking for a moment.
"Sachi. I've never done anything like this before, but," she looks at me with a sad smile, "I guess i'll make an exception this one time,"
"Oh thank you head mistress!!! I won't let you down! I promise!!"
"You'll have to clean at nights, since you cannot work during school, and after classes, you can help cook in the kitchen for dinner, only on Fridays however. You still have to keep up your grades,"
"Yes ma'am!" I say, "thank you so much!"
"You're a very special girl Sachi," she says calling me by my first name, "And i'll be sure to keep my eye on you,"
"I'll start right away ma'am!" I say bowing to her again and again, "Thank you so much!"
"Not at all my dear, Miss Honda will get you a spare cleaner's uniform. You are dismissed."
"Yes Ma'am!" I say, bowing one more time and running after Miss Honda.
I know I can do this. I don't need that old woman anymore, like she did anything for me anyway...
but still... to be abandoned by your own mother....
No! I have to be strong! I can't lean on someone forever...
"There should be one in here," Miss Honda says opening a supply closet. She seemed to ignore the two girls half naked at the bottom and just reached for the top shelf, where a few uniforms were folded.
She pulled them down and shut the door, letting the girls to their business.
"Okay, lets go the restroom and let you try these on," She says and leads me to the next bathroom.
"Yes ma'am,"
I take a medium uniform from her and go into a stall to change. The uniform was actually kind of cute. It's knee length red dress that buttoned up around my neck, with a poufey sleeves, the skirt also stuck out a bunch since there was a lot of tulle under it. It was very fluffy. The white apron over it tied into a big bow in the back. It was round and frilly, and rose to chest, although my bust made it look tight. We had to wear white gloves and white knee socks.
I walk out of the stall and look at my teacher.
Her face lit up, "Oh my goodness!! you look so cute!!" She squeals hugging me tightly.
I giggle shyly, "Thank you,"
"Here," she says turning me towards the mirror, "Let me put on this bandana and braid your hair. That way it won't be in your way,"
"Thank you Miss Honda," I say smiling shyly as she parted my hair and started braiding it into two pigtails.
"Oh, please, call me Fumio-chan," she smiles at me.
"But Miss Honda!" I gasp, "I couldn't dare call a teacher by her first name,"
"Oh, that's so old fashioned!" she giggles, "I'm a young teacher so I don't mind! Besides, I really like you Sachi-san," she says smiling kindly, "You're a very special girl. Very cute as well," she giggles letting one braid fall and starting on the other.
I blush, not knowing if she was flirting or just being kind. I don't say anything as she continues to braid.
"There," she smiles letting the other ribbon tied braid fall to my back, "Absolutely adorable,"
"Thank you," I say quietly a red tint coloring my face.
"come, i'll show you how to do your duties," she starts walking out of the restroom. I slip my flats back on and follow after her, keeping my head down so that I won't be recognized.
We walk to another supply closet and get a large push broom.
"Every night, you'll need to sweep the B and C hallways. Then once a week, you'll need to get a ladder and clean the windows," she gestures to the large stain glass windows in the hall.
It looks like a lot to clean, but I want to stay here so...
"Yes ma'am," I nod taking the push broom from her.
"The cooks will teach you to what to do next friday," she smiles at me.
"Yes ma'am," I nod.
"Don't you remember what I said Sachi-san?" she giggles taking my face in her hand, "Just call me Fumio-chan,"
I was surprised to find myself blushing, "Ye-yes Fumio-chan,"
She smiles, "Okay, you may change and relax the rest of the day until your duties need to be done,"
"Yes, Fumio-chan," I bow, "thank you Fumio-chan," I take my uniform back from her, and run to the restroom to change back.
I switch back to my school uniform, untie my hair and then head back to my room.
When I get back to my room, I find Kyo and Ane sitting on my bed, looking worried. They looked up excitedly and attacked me in hugs.
"Oh, we were so worried," Ane says.
"What did they call you down for?" Kyo asks.
"O-Oh um the called me down for...grades..." I say looking down, "They're kinda slipping,"
"Oh, don't worry sweety," Ane says, "Kyo will be happy to help you with that,"
I giggle, "Thank you, but, I think i'll be okay,"
"You're such a good girl," Kyo hugs me tight, as well as Ane.
I just smile and hug back. They are so kind to me....
I pull back and give them each a kiss on the cheek.
"Thank you guys, for being wonderful to me," I smile kindly and sincerely.
They kiss me back, "We love you, It's only expected,"
Little kisses on the cheek led to kisses on the neck, and wandering hands. I became flustered as they pushed me back onto my bed, easily I'm swept up like this...

That night, when the girls fell asleep, I get up, change into my cleaning uniform, and tie my hair back as I shut the door behind me.
I head to the first supply closet and grab a push broom and get to work, just as I promised.
I start at the steps of the hall and start sweeping my way down. The only sound I could hear was the sound of the broom, and my breathing.
I got halfway down the hall, then I stop and look out the window. The full moon letting the virgin mary shine through the colored glass. I smile and for the first time since I was a child, I put my hands together and thank God for my angles, Ane and Kyo. Then I get back to my job. I have to earn my way here.
"Oh, Sachi-san. There you are!" I hear a quiet voice behind me.
I turn and see Miss Honda walking towards me, in just a night gown and slippers.
"Oh, Good evening Fumio-chan," I say stopping and bowing to her.
"You're doing quite the good job," she smiles.
"Thank you," I smile shyly, "But, if I may ask, what are you doing up so late?"
"Oh, I was grading a few papers, and I decided to see how my little dear was doing," she smiles stepping forward to me.
I blush, "O-oh, I'm fine," I say, "I don't mind working,"
"Well, if you're okay with it, I guess i'll leave you to your work, okay?" she smiles at me softly.
"Ye-yes ma'am,"
"come by my room if you need help with anything okay?" she smiles before turning and walking away, "Good night Sachi-san,"
"Good night," I say after her and get back to sweeping. It's strange, I wonder why she's treating me like this...
I get back to work and don't stop until the last dust bunny is swept up. Then, tired, I go back to my room, strip, hide my cleaning uniform and gently get back into bed with the snoring Ane and Kyo. I look over at the clock before fall asleep. 3:00 AM. Man, am I going to be tired in the morning....

The alarm clock woke me up rudely. I moan and sit up with Ane and Kyo.
"He he, good morning sunshine," Kyo giggles.
"Looks like someone had a restless night," Ane giggles.
"You guys know me, I'm just not a morning person," I giggle sheepishly and stretch.
"Oh we know," Kyo giggles getting up and shaking out her hair.
"I think it makes her cuter," Ane says getting up and grabbing her uniform.
I just giggle and get up with both of them. This is going to be a long day.

We walk into home room and before walking up to our seats as we do every day, Miss Honda called me to her desk, "Sachi-san, may I speak to you for a minute?"
I look up at Ane and Kyo, "I'll be right up, okay?" I smile. They smile back and head up to our seats.
"Yes Miss Honda?" I say standing next to her seat. She turns and faces me.
"Before you work tonight, do you mind stopping by my room?" she gives me a strange smile, "I need to talk to you about something,"
"Yes ma'am," I bow to her, "I'll be there after my last class,"
"Good," she smiles, "I'll see you then. You are dismissed,"
"Yes ma'am," I say and run up to my seat.
"What did she need to talk to you about?" Ane asks.
"She needs to talk to me after classes let out," I say, "She's my History teacher as well, maybe I'm not doing so well..."
"Don't worry, every thing will be fine," Kyo smiles at me, "I'm always here to help,"
I feel a warm, happiness in my heart, "Thank you," I smile.
My school day is like normal, but I tried to pay more attention to keep my grades up and made sure I understood. Before I left my history class, Miss Honda winks at me. I began to feel nervous about tonight.
I headed to my room before my next class for I had forgotten a book I needed. But when I walked in, I saw Sakura-chan with another girl under her. And it wasn't...Ama-chan....
"Oh, Sachi, hello," she giggles, as if nothing was going on.
Sakura is cheating??? what should I do? I mean, I don't want to ruin things for Ama-chan...but...oh...what to do??? I'm so confused!!!!
i have some great new ideas!!!! @u@

i hope you guys keep reading!!! :heart:

nothing too sexy, but there needs to be plot :XD:
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